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Ancient people endowed butterflies with many mystical properties. The fact that winged creatures of incredible beauty appear from nondescript caterpillars made our ancestors believe in their magical abilities.

According to the Chinese teachings of fash shui, the butterfly talisman attracts love and romance to the owner's life, makes life easy and carefree. The amulet helps unmarried girls meet their betrothed, married girls find harmony and happiness in family life.

In ancient Greek myths, Psyche was depicted in the form of a butterfly, symbolizing the immortality of the soul, among the Aztecs - the goddess of fate Itzpapalotl. Even the very name of the insect from the language of the Indians was translated as "a piece of the sky that fell to the ground." Among Europeans, the butterfly was considered a companion of the deities, thanks to which spring comes; a little fairy who brings warmth and joy.

It has long been believed that meeting a butterfly gives a person good luck. The ancient Indians believed: if you tell her about your desire, she will certainly pass it on to the gods in heaven - and they will fulfill it.

In Japan, to this day, it is believed that butterflies fluttering around a person bring love and happiness into his life. Amulets depicting insects work in the same way.

Mascots in the form of butterflies are adored by representatives of creative professions - actresses, singers and TV presenters. Cate Blanchett chose a large ring depicting two butterflies of different colours.

“The Masked singer” - Michelle Williams - tells how “As The Butterfly, I’ve found the spirit to begin again.”

Say her name, say her name.

What a lovely showcase of butterflies. Which one would you choose of all the species?

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